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bioblokEDU –

Education and promotion of sustainable culture.

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bioblokEDU – Project goals

Education center

The future of responsible, sustainable and CO2-negative socially acceptable construction.

Smaller architectural and design crafts/companies that want to supplement the knowledge of sustainable and -CO2 architecture, natural materials and how to responsibly exploit the healthy materials around us, use it in construction while paying attention to logistics, water and more we do not harm ourselves and our surroundings.

New knowledge about binders and materials for making all the necessary parts for building or making items with higher added value and if it is possible to treat waste throughout the construction cycle is the future of architecture and design, if you are aware of the situation globally and everything around not only acting through Internet activism about sustainability.

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Education, ie transformation of designers and architects
and others from the creation section so that with proper professional education they can achieve knowledge about the entire eco-biological transformation, sustainability and new materials, natural construction techniques and materials that replace conventional ones.

This applies to smaller projects as we will not be able to compete with large companies for which transformations are more difficult and take longer.

A sustainable source of material affects almost every area of corporate business and the way consumers think.

Ever since the procurement of materials, the consumer’s buying habit has changed due to sustainable procurement growth. However, the term is often discarded in the procurement industry and is often misunderstood or misused.

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