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qe:sa – Pet bed filled with hemp,
of natural materials.

– soft and comfortable
– high thermal values
– resistant to mites and other parasites
– antibacterial
– antiallergenic
– biodegradable (compostable)
– with a pillow made of natural material,
washable at 40 degrees

realfiber, a creative company offering biotechnology solutions based on healthy, non-toxic, biodegradable materials for use in construction and everyday life.

We love the country and protect its environment and all its inhabitants, especially those who do not have a voice. We are passionate animal rights activists – from every purchase qe:sa products, we donate to animal welfare associations below. 
Anima Dvor
Prijatelji Čakovec
Kninske njuškice, Berta
Šibenske šape

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About the hemp we use

Our supplier is a European company, specializing in the cultivation and processing of raw hemp for the production of high quality fibers and hemp yarn for use primarily in the global textile and fashion industry.

The company is the largest producer of hemp fibers in the Baltics and manages the entire cycle of cultivation and processing of premium hemp fibers and guarantees quality of hemp fiber because it controls the whole process:

From seed selection,
their preparation, breeding
and re-breeding, harvesting
and processing

The hemp chips we use contain the STANDARD 100 certificate from OEKO-TEX®, one of the world’s most famous textile brands tested for harmful substances.

It stands for customer trust
and high product safety.


qe:sa pets – bed for pets
stuffed with hemp

100% Cotton, Lan


100 cm x 70 cm
70 cm x 50 cm
50 cm x 30 cm


Various colors

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Blue model for pets.
50×30 cm